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Who Are We?.
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Who Are We?

First and foremost, we are a very successful wedding car business ourselves. The business was established by Nigel Marston to satisfy his passion for both business and all things car related. Nigel had over 20 years experience of business and management and he used this expertise to develop a business model for a wedding car business.


Having decided to start the business on a Thursday, Nigel decided upon his first car and bought it 3 days later on the Sunday. He built the website in 3 weeks, placing it online at 9pm on a Tuesday night and took the first wedding booking at 10am on Wednesday.  In the space of 18 months, the one car business expanded to 8 cars with car bookings in excess of 3 figures in the first full calendar year of business eventually winning a coveted local business award.


Nigel realised that the business model he had created using his 20+ years of business and marketing experience was a winner. He decided that the model could be duplicated nationally so he now offers a variety of business opportunities to those wanting to start a new wedding car business or those who are already running a wedding car business but wish to improve their performance.