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We are able to support both existing wedding cars businesses who want to improve their performance and also those who wish to start a new wedding car business, whether they have taken advantage of one of our business opportunities or not.



Existing Wedding Car Businesses


If you are already in business but wish to improve your performance, we can help you do this through any or all of the following:


Trouble Shooting: When you run a business, you are often too close to it to look at it objectively and see it the way others do. You can’t see where improvements can be made and often fall into the trap of doing things in a certain way because they have always been done like that or it is the way that you are most comfortable with.  We can look at all aspects of your business and identify the issues that are limiting your performance. This is not for everyone as many find it too difficult to accept change or don’t want to be put out of their comfort zone. If this is you then we can’t help you. However, if you are open minded and willing to face up to the challenge of changing your business for the better, then we would love to hear from you.


Website Design:  How many wedding car bookings do you get from your website?  If you don’t get a significant proportion of your total bookings online then it may be that your website and online marketing strategy is to blame. It is possible to run a successful multi car wedding car business with internet bookings alone.  We know because we do it and have done so for years. Many wedding car businesses have tired and amateur looking websites. Its not about winning a design award for the best looking corporate website.Its about the website that is able to be found by your customers and persuades them to make a booking. We can assess your existing website and either make recommendations for change or design a new one for you.


Online Marketing:  Having an effective website is a large part of growing your internet bookings but internet marketing success depends on having an effective internet marketing campaign in place to drive potential customers to your website in the first place.  We can work with you to help drive traffic to your website or we can do it on your behalf.  This is the method that we use for our own wedding car business and it works better than any other form of marketing that we have tried.





New Wedding Car Businesses


If you don’t already have a wedding car business and you wish to start one, then we can help. We can advise and guide you on setting up and running your business on a day to day basis. You may want to choose one of our wedding car business opportunities or you may want to go it alone with us being there to guide and advise you.  You will benefit from our expertise, help and guidance in the following areas:


How to set up your wedding car business and what you need


Choosing a wedding car


Bookkeeping and accounts


Wedding booking systems and administration systems


 Marketing, website and internet marketing  


 Legal issues including insurance and health & safety


 Operating, maintaining and valeting your wedding car


 Preparation and driving on your first weddings


Day to day business advice by telephone or email







1 and 2 Day Seminars

How to Start a Wedding Car Business


Later in 2013, we will be holding 1 and 2 day seminars in the London area which aim to provide an introduction to the main aspects of starting and running a wedding car business. The seminars are ideal for you if you are considering starting a wedding car business or if you are looking for a business opportunity and want to evaluate whether a wedding car business is suitable. Further details are available by clicking on our seminar page.