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What Do You Need To Run a Wedding Car Business?

To operate a wedding car business, there is a list of things that you will need as well as certain abilities and personal qualities to make the business a success. Below is a summary of the essentials:

Suitable Vehicle

Probably the single most important thing is to have a vehicle suitable for use as wedding transport. Most often, it will be a luxury, prestige, classic or vintage car.  There are vehicles specially manufactured as wedding cars and are designed to look like vintage cars although they are actually modern. Unusual or quirky vehicles may also be suitable such as American Police Cars or Fire Engines for example.   

Technical Knowledge

Whilst you certainly don’t have to be a motor mechanic to run a wedding car business, a certain degree of mechanical knowledge and understanding of all things car related is a great advantage. If you get a puncture or the car fails to start, a little such knowledge is an asset. In the case of a vintage or classic vehicle, it is essential.  It will also help when you come to valet the car because you will have an understanding of how car cleaning products work which will make life much easier when you prepare the car for a wedding.

Vehicle Storage

Ideally, you should have a garage in which to keep the car. If there is enough room in the garage so you can clean it under cover then this is a great advantage as your cleaning activities won’t be affected by the weather. A car port or a similar covered area will also suffice. In the absence of both of these, then good quality outdoor car covers are available. Once the vehicle has been prepared for a wedding, then the cover can be used to keep it clean.

Driving & Navigation Skills

Your skills as both a driver and navigator will be vital. You will be required to drive to lots of different and often challenging locations, some of which can be difficult to find. Your professionalism and skills as a driver will be appreciated by your passengers as they expect a serene, comfortable and drama free ride to their destination, even when things get difficult.


The more flexibility you are able to demonstrate then the more bookings you are likely to secure. If you are able to make yourself available throughout the week rather than just on weekends, you will be able to take bookings for week day weddings. Friday is becoming one of the most popular days for weddings. You may also be asked to do weddings on unusual days such as Boxing Day and New Year’s Day too. Flexibility is also important in others ways.  The more flexible you are, then its more likely that you will be booked. Goodwill gestures such as doing extra journeys for no extra cost can often result in recommendations or worthwhile tips.


It is paramount that you portray a professional image in everything that you do, from the advertising and marketing stage, through to handling of the booking and on the day of the wedding itself.  A wedding is one of the most important days of many people’s lives and they expect it to be special, so as a provider of a wedding car, you will have an important part to play.  Clients need to be confident that you are able to deliver what they want.  On the day, both you and the vehicle have to be immaculately turned out and the way in which you conduct yourself must be in keeping with the occasion and the wishes of those who are travelling in the vehicle.

Organisational Skills

It is important that the service you provide is organised at all stages and that you are able to appropriately organise your bookings so as to avoid double bookings or other such mistakes. When taking bookings, you need an organised system of recording the bookings. This not only gives your client confidence that you know what you are doing but it also ensures that you correctly record all the details so you know what is expected of you on the day.  Checking out the route beforehand is also highly recommended in order to avoid any unforeseen issues on the day.

Interpersonal Skills

Your ability to deal appropriately with all types of people is a major advantage.  You should be seen to be friendly and approachable whilst not being over familiar.  Its often important to realise when your passengers may want to be left to talk amongst their selves on such a special day and may not always wish to have someone they don’t know (I.e. you) taking part in their conversations. It can be a stressful day for many so a calm and collected manner often comes in useful, especially when things don’t go as planned, even if they are not your fault. It is important that you are seen to be helpful and that you are in control.

Office Facilities

You can quite easily run a wedding car business from home and certainly don’t need a dedicated office. It is essential that you have access to a telephone.  Ideally, calls should be routed to a mobile phone so that you are able to take them wherever you are.  This may be a little disruptive but you have to weigh up the inconvenience against the benefits of not missing a booking.  Whilst a computer and printer isn’t essential, it will make your bookings and administration much easier and more efficient as well as more professional. Without a computer and email access then you will miss out on bookings.